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#LovePup Family Fest!

In September, we were proud to sponsor an adoption event called the LovePup Family Festival in partnership with the LovePup Foundation and iHeart Radio. Taking place at Vertuccio Farms in Mesa, AZ. Paired with incredible music acts, food trucks, kid-friendly activities and more, the primary event focus of pet adoption was a huge success. With more than XXXX folks came out to enjoy the evening, and XX rescues on-site with adorable, adoptable dogs from across the Phoenix metro area, more than XX pups were adopted and found their forever homes!

As our way of saying thank you for adopting these wonderful canine companions, AZ Pet Vet provided the new owners with a certificate for a Free Wellness Exam and Fecal Test. We know that routine health and wellness checkups are just as important to our pets as they are to us humans, and wanted to help these new owners ensure that the newest member of their family was receiving first rate care!

We are thrilled by the impact the event had on the community, and look forward to participating again in the future!

StandDown – Assisting our Veterans

First, a bit of terminology:

StandDown: A military term that refers to the short period of time given to a soldier to leave an active combat area, allowing them to obtain rest and build up strength before returning to duty.

StandDown Events: Typically one-to-three day events held annually, organizations within a community come together to serve United States military veterans and their families who are experiencing – or are at risk of – homelessness. These events help connect our veterans with the critical support services they need in order to help them gain – and maintain – stable housing. In addition, the events offer many other areas of support which can include everything from benefits assistance, to id’s and drivers licenses, social security, substance abuse assistance, employment and education opportunities, haircuts and hygiene, and more.

In February, team members from AZ Pet Vet joined the ranks of volunteers at the Maricopa County StandDown annual event, offering Pet Care services to our veterans. Armed with a bevy of food, toys, crates, blankets, and more, our team was honored to spend time with our veterans and to assist with their beloved canine and feline companions. A heartfelt thank you to all the veterans for your service to our country!

2016 Holiday Drive

While many of our individual hospitals have organizations that they have supported for years, our 2016 holiday season marked one of our largest group efforts to-date. Our primary recipient for the season was Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds, with a few other individual organizations included in the mix. With the incredible participation of our teams and our clients, in total we collected more than 2,500 items!

Here are just a few statistics:
* 500+ collars, leashes, and pet clothing items
* 200+ pet beds and blankets
* 35 soft-sided/hard-sided carriers
* 120 food bowls
* Over 1,000 pet food items and treats (WOW!)
* Over 300 toys
* Towels, wipes, cases of water, and much more

It took 8 vehicles filled-to-the-brim to deliver the items just to our primary recipient!

In response to the amazing participation from the AZ Pet Vet clients and staff, the ownership teams at the hospitals taking part in the drive joined in with their part to help make a big impact this season…with a cash donation of $5,950 in total!

With so many wonderful organizations doing great work, we are honored to participate in giving back to our community. So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the season a little bit brighter!

A Letter from Santa Paws


Dear People Considering Pets as Gifts,

Who can resist the charm of a new puppy or kitten, especially during the holiday season? Yes, there are lots of deserving animals in shelters and rescues that need good homes, but the holidays are a stressful and busy time to try to integrate a new member of the family.

Before you give a pet as a gift, please make sure that the family really wants a pet, and that they can make the financial and emotional commitment necessary take care of a pet. After the holidays, the rate of abandoned animals soars as families decide they don’t want the animal or can’t take care of them.

If you do plan to give the gift of a pet, consider giving a gift certificate to a rescue shelter, that allows the person or family to choose the pet that best suits their lifestyle without all the holiday hustle and bustle. Include items they’ll need, like food, treats, feeding and water bowls, collars, leashes, toys, pet beds, etc. I promise, the excitement will still be there!

Happy Holidays!

Santa Paws

PS: There are lots of shelters and rescue folks out there that can use some holiday cheer, too! Money, gift cards, food, pet beds, blankets, collars and leashes, toys and treats can all help local shelters and rescues continue their mission to save animals.

Seven Fun Facts About Horses

December 10th is National Horse Day, so we thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about these magnificent mammals.


• There are approximately 60 million horses in the world, and have been domesticated for around 5000 years. Today, domestic horses have a lifespan of around 25 years.

• There is only one species of domestic horse, which includes approximately 400 breeds.

• A horse’s height is measured “hands,” with one hand being equal to four inches. The tallest horse on record was a Shire named Sampson born in Toddington Mills, England in 1846. Sampson was 21.2 hands (7 feet, 2 inches) tall!

• A male horse is called a stallion, a female horse is called a mare. A young male horse is called a colt, and a young female horse is called a filly. Small horses are called ponies.

• Horses can sleep lying down or while standing. When in a herd, not all horses will lie down at the same time to sleep. One will always remain standing to guard the herd from predators.

• Horses have bigger eyes than any other land mammal, and the position their eyes on the side of their head allows them a to take in a nearly 360 degree view at one time!

• Horses gallop at around 27 miles per hour, and the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was an astonishing 55 miles per hou